Making Seaweed
Work For Everyone

Seaweed can be a sustainable solution to environmental challenges, a versatile ingredient, and a nutritional powerhouse revolutionising and decarbonising various industries. From enhancing culinary experiences to revitalising skincare products, seaweed holds promise as a renewable resource.

But seaweed supply chains have been
unfair for far too long.

Farmers encounter numerous problems, including delayed and inadequate payment, limited access to capital, an opaque buyer marketplace, and unstable livelihoods.

Data is the key to understanding and connecting the seaweed industry. This promotes transparency and sustainability throughout the value chain whilst stakeholders can gain insights into production, farming practices, and socioeconomic conditions.

Sea Green is building digital infrastructure for a sustainable seaweed supply chain.

Based on research and close engagement in Indonesia, our platform has been designed to provide actionable insights that enable farmers to optimise their operations and achieve better results. Farmers can be confident that they have the tools and resources they need to succeed in the ever-evolving world of seaweed.

Build the Future of Seaweed with Us.

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