Digital Infrastructure for Seaweed Supply Chains

Sea Green is a fully integrated tech solution for seaweed farming, facilitating a more democratic value chain for coastal communities across Indonesia.

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Farm Management

Register farmers, manage farm assets and streamline workflows effortlessly. Our platform equips farmers with the tools and insights to farm better, connecting them with the support staff and shared resources that they need to improve quality and sustainability. With a user-friendly dashboard and convenient account portal, managing seaweed farms has never been easier.

Data Collection & Analytics

Our platform empowers farmers to take control of their data and transform it into insights that can drive positive change. By organising and verifying information about their farms, payments, products, and impact/demographics, we help farmers unlock the potential of their operations. With our customisable analytics, farmers can show the positive ESG impacts they are making throughout the supply chain, simultaneously promoting sustainability, and improving productivity and quality.

Digital Marketplace

Discover the ease of trading seaweed with our platform promoting transparency, efficiency, and trust in the seaweed supply chain for farmers and buyers. Our seamless transaction process ensures farmers receive timely and secure payment for their seaweed harvest while buyers receive comprehensive information on sustainability and impact. By promoting sustainable practices in the seaweed industry, we strive to create a healthier environment and inspire trust in every transaction.

Bridging the Divide

Sea Green is committed to promoting harmonious and advantageous collaboration between seaweed farmers and buyers. By connecting stakeholders across the value chain, we aim to foster a vibrant seaweed supply ecosystem. Experience the power of seamless collaboration and unlock the potential of the seaweed market with Sea Green.

Build the Future of Seaweed with Us.

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