Seaweed is Awesome
It’s time to start using our ocean’s most abundant resource.
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Seaweed presents a unique opportunity to stimulate economic growth, foster employment, and support the development of coastal communities. By responsibly utilising seaweed, we can create a future where our needs are met while safeguarding the environment.
Why Seaweed?

Climate & Biodiversity

Seaweed absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Replacing components of carbon intensive value chains with seaweed products can reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. Seaweed farming can also create new marine habitats, promoting biodiversity and supporting ocean health.

Coastal Livelihoods

Despite their importance to the global economy, coastal communities are often among the most vulnerable and critically underserved, historically dependant on fishing for their livelihoods. With stocks rapidly depleting, alternatives like seaweed farming are new, resilient sources of income.

Food Security

Seaweed is resilient and thrives without needing land, freshwater, or synthetic fertiliser. Certain species even serve as a valuable protein source, supporting global food security. In regenerative aquaculture systems, seaweeds can enhance the yield and productivity of other forms of integrated aquaculture.

"Seaweed farming transformed my life, providing a stable income. I'm no longer worried about declining fish stocks, and the demand for seaweed keeps growing. It's fulfilling to support my community while protecting the environment.”

-Pak Majid, 62
25 years of experience in seaweed farming