Seaweed Impact Conference, Tunisia 2023

July 24, 2023

Our CEO, Fred Puckle Hobbs, had the opportunity to attend The Seaweed Impact Conference organised by BioMarine and SeaweedFirst held in Tunisia, which brought together seaweed professionals from across the globe, fostering networking opportunities and outcome-oriented discussions.

At the conference,several innovative technologies were presented that have the potential to transform the seaweed industry and promote sustainability. French venture capital fund, Seventure Partners, also unveiled their blue-economy investment fund focused on sustainable seaweed projects, opening doors for potential collaborations between investors and seaweed practitioners.

The conference also featured focus groups, each delving into specific topics. Fred mainly explored and contributed to the environmental and social impacts of large-scale seaweed farming and strategies to mitigate them. The discussions led to data-driven insights, contributing valuable information for sustainable practices.

Additionally, we gained insights into Tunisia's investment climate and had the opportunity to visit the SELT Marine processing factory. This experience offered a firsthand look at local seaweed operations,inspiring potential future projects in the region.