Product Research Trip to South Sulawesi, Indonesia

June 12, 2023

Sea Green’s Product Manager Tris Chen and CEO Fred Puckle Hobbs embarked on an insightful trip to South Sulawesi, Indonesia,to gain first-hand insights into seaweed farmers' challenges.

Our team engaged directly with farmers to better understand their daily struggles and pain points. This valuable input was the foundation for devising sustainable solutions catering to farmers' needs. During the visit, we addressed issues within the seaweed value chain including delayed payments, limited buyers, and fluctuating prices.

The conversations held during the visit proved crucial for shaping product development, creating deeper understanding of farmers' requirements, refining the product to align precisely with their expectations.

Sea Green's on-ground research in Indonesia is a significant step toward fostering a farmer-centric seaweed industry. By immersing ourselves in the seaweed value chain, we aim tobuild a transparent and supportive ecosystem, empowering farmers and drivingpositive change in the seaweed farming community.