Sea Green Announces Leadership Transition and Welcomes New CEO, Aqua-Tech Expert Alan Steele

December 18, 2023

Singapore, 18 DECEMBER 2023 –Singapore-based aqua-tech startup Sea Green, dedicated to bridging connectivity gaps in the blue economy, announced the appointment of Alan Steele as its new CEO and the departure of its current CEO, Fred Puckle Hobbs today.

Alan successfully led a leading sustainable yellow-fin tuna business in Indonesia for a specialist blue economy investor recently and also served as a Director of Eachmile Technologies, a technology-driven seafood trading company that harnesses innovative solutions to enhance global supply chains' efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. As Sea Green ventures into its next growth phase, Alan brings invaluable experience, building on Fred’s foundational contributions. Fred played a pivotal role in establishing Sea Green as a driving force in the development and sustainable expansion of the seaweed industry within coastal communities.

Graham Clark, Chairman and CEO of Asia Affinity – Sea Green’s parent company commented, “Fred's contribution has been invaluable; we are grateful for his leadership and dedication and wish him well for the future. We are excited to welcome Alan as our incoming CEO. Alan's proven track record in the aquaculture and technology sectors and his unwavering commitment to sustainability and community empowerment make him the ideal leader to guide Sea Green into its next phase of growth and innovation. We are confident that under Alan's leadership, Sea Green will transform the blue economy and empower seaweed communities worldwide,"

"I am honoured to lead Sea Green and utilise my passion for technology to empower seaweed farmers to drive sustainable growth within the blue economy. With the world's increasing demand for seaweed, Sea Green is well-positioned to bridge the gap between discerning buyers and dedicated farmers, fostering an equitable and sustainable seaweed farming ecosystem. Together with our exceptional team, we aim to unlock the full potential of this transformative industry and empower seaweed communities worldwide," commented Alan Steele, the incoming CEO. 

As Sea Green embarks on this new growth phase, our commitment to empowering seaweed farmers and fostering sustainable development within coastal communities remains steadfast. We are dedicated to harnessing technology, innovation, and collaboration to create a thriving seaweed farming ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders, ensuring a brighter future for the blue economy and the communities it sustains.


About Asia Affinity
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